As result of our countless customer meetings and, thanks to our long-standing experience, the special groundsheet PW 12 S and the cost-effective version PW 12 C for the maintenance of outside courses and riding hall floors, have come into being.

PW 12 S
BasisplanerThe basis of the PW 12 S is represented by a stable frame construction, which can be furnished with additional options, according to the customer request. The standard model is ideal for the maintenance of outside courses. The blades integrated into the frame eliminate irregularities and reconsolidate the floor surface.

Attachement parts for PW 12 S
In order to loosen consolidated floor surfaces and to mix floor surfaces with aggregates, cultivator frames can be upgraded with 9 or 11 spring/brake tines




For a visually attractive riding floor surface, the PW 12 S can be upgraded with a trail harrow, which, by demand, can be folded away. A floor surface which has been processed in such a manner dries off more easily and, thus, it is soon again rideable.


Also, the furnishing with a hoofbeat clearer and additional belt roller is possible. These options allow the user to drag the sand which has been trodden with the roller, back into the middle of the course.


Verbreiterung_neuThe PW 12 S can be easily extended to 2.40 m or 2.70 m. Simply mount the enlargement shoes into the holes provided within the frame



  • Optimized for the "GREEN SAND"

  • Maintenance for the outside course

  • Maintenance for the riding course

  • Modularly built

  • Newly developed modular system

  • Attachment parts exchangeable and upgradable

  • Only pay what you need

  • Enquire here!


Options for PW 12 S

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Video expansions

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